Course Conduction

Course Conduction:

After the registration process, the student would be provided with the login credentials of the Learning Management system (LMS) for access of the content. The login credentials would be mailed to the students within 7 working days from the submission of all documents and fees.

The LMS would have semester wise buckets for subjects of the respective programmes as enrolled.

Every subject would have the following activities for the students -

  • Access to Chapter Wise E-Book - Based on the approved Programme Objective (PO) and Course Objective (CO) and curriculum from university BOS and Academic council for every course, the Self-Learning Material (PDF format) have been developed by the subject matter experts which are internal faculties of the university.
    • One E-book has been provided for every subject at chapter level considering the course objectives.
    • The student should go through every chapter of the e-book provided and can make notes which will enable the student to understand important aspects of every topic during the learning process.
  • Access to Chapter Wise Study Guide - Based on the Course Objective (CO) a file in power point presentation (PPT) is developed by the internal subject matter expert for every chapter within a subject which helps the student to understand the key aspects of the topic.
  • Access to Chapter Wise Practice Test – This helps the learner to gauge his understanding in the learning process. The student has access to:
    • Question Bank: The subject matter expert created the question bank (QB) based on the course outcome. The question bank is developed for every chapter in objective format having MCQ, match the following, drag and drop along with subjective questions.
    • e-content : e content in interactive video form and in PDF format prepared by University experts will be provided.
    • Online contact classes: will be conducted at frequent intervals to make teaching – learning process more effective.

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